Here Are Three Ways You Are Ruining Your Eyeglasses


As someone who has worn eyeglasses for a while, you might have become comfortable with them and don't pay much attention to the way you handle them. You may not realize that you might be doing things that could contribute to damage that could interfere with how well you see through your glasses and how they feel on your face. Here are some ways you might be ruining your glasses.

Washing Eyeglasses With Commercial Glass Cleaning Products 

In your mind, all glass might seem the same, and you might think that the same cleaning product you use on your car's windshield or your home's windows would be fine for your eyeglasses. However, commercial glass cleaning products typically contain chemicals that degrade the quality of your lenses. This is particularly the case if you have any special coating on the lenses themselves, such as anti-glare coating.

To preserve your lenses when cleaning them, stick with solutions specifically formulated for eyeglass lenses or water.

Using Paper Towels and Shirts to Wipe Glasses

Even if you use water or a special cleaning solution, you still have to be careful about how you dry your glasses. You might reach for a paper towel or napkin, but realize that many paper products are textured and may scratch the delicate lenses over time, particularly if you rub the lenses vigorously.

The same goes for using the bottom of a t-shirt to rub dust off your glasses, as many eyeglass-wearers do. Even if you think your t-shirt is soft and non-abrasive, make a choice to only use microfiber cloths for wiping your glasses. These cloths are unlikely to cause scratches.

Leaving Your Glasses Out at Night

By the time you're ready for bed, you might pull your glasses off your face and put them anywhere. You might leave them next to a book on an armchair, you might leave them on a side table, or you might forget where you've put them until you need them the next morning.

Leaving your glasses out in the open when you aren't wearing them allows dust particles to collect on them, which could then lead to scratches if you aren't wiping them properly. In addition, leaving them out allows for accidents such as spouses sitting on them, kids knocking them over or pets putting them in their mouths.

To avoid this, do your best to store your glasses in a hard plastic storage case at night. Add that task to your nightly routine so you are more likely to remember.

If you can manage to avoid the behaviors listed in this article, you'll be able to better protect your glasses from wear and tear. Talk to your optician at a company like Envision Eyecare for more tips you can use so that your glasses last a long time.


9 March 2016

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