3 Contact-Wearing Tips For Dry Eyes


If you have dry eyes, you might suffer from these symptoms even worse when you are wearing contacts. You might fear that you will have to switch to wearing glasses full-time, but there are a few things that you can try so that you can wear contact lenses comfortably. These are a few helpful tips that might allow you to continue wearing contact lenses while feeling more comfortable.

1. Ask for Special Contact Lenses

Talk to your eye care professional about the problems that you are having with dry eyes and uncomfortable contacts. What a lot of contact-wearers do not realize is that there are special contact lenses out there that are designed just for people with dry eyes. Your eye care professional may even be able to outfit you with a few sample pairs from different brands so that you can try them out and find a brand and style that works best for you and your dryness problem.

2. Use Eye Drops

Carrying around a bottle of eye drops and adding a few drops to each of your eyes can help you with these symptoms. Be careful when using eye drops, however -- some eye drops are not designed to be used with contacts and can actually damage your contacts and hurt your eyes. Instead, look for eye drops that are acceptable for use with contacts. Your eye care professional may be able to give you advice about which eye drops to use.

3. Switch Back and Forth

If you have dry eyes, you may benefit from taking your contacts out, soaking them in solution and switching to eyeglasses for a while. Switching back and forth between the two can give your eyes a break but can allow you to wear contacts when you would rather not wear eyeglasses, such as in professional or social situations. For example, you might choose to wear contact lenses when you're at work or out on the town, but you might choose to switch to eyeglasses when you are at home or when you hit the gym. When you aren't wearing your contacts, however, you should make sure that you are soaking them in a good-quality contact solution and in a clean contact case.

As you can see, there are a few things that you can try if you have dry eyes but like wearing contacts. Trying these three tips may help provide you with some relief without the need to switch to wearing eyeglasses full-time. Click here for more information on contact lenses.


12 December 2015

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