3 Mistakes Contact Wearers Should Avoid


If you wear contacts it is vital that you understand how to properly use them so you can protect your eyes. Although contacts can be a great way to avoid wearing glasses and have more freedom with your eyes, they can also be incredibly dangerous if you don't know how to care for them. Here are three mistakes that you should avoid with your contacts. 

1. Not Tossing a Lens That Is Dirty Or Damaged

Assume that you have recently changed your contact, yet still you get a little scratch on one of the lenses. Instead of replacing it, you decide to wear it for a little longer even though it is slightly irritating. This isn't a problem, right? Wrong! Wearing a contact lens that is dirty or damaged is very dangerous. As it rubs against your cornea it can actually damage your cornea. Even a tiny piece of dirt or dust on it can scratch the cornea.

Over time you can damage your cornea beyond repair. For example, if you want to get LASIK some day, you might have disqualified yourself. In order to get LASIK you have to have healthy corneas that can sustain the laser. This is why wearing contacts that are dirty or damage is so dangerous.

2. Improper Cleaning

Every night when you clean your contacts you should be cleaning them correctly. Don't assume that letting them soak in contact solution is enough. If you don't rinse them off first you are essentially just soaking them in the dirt from the previous day. Instead, you should take the contact and hold it between your fingers, then rinse it with solution on both sides. Take a few seconds and rub the contact gently with your fingers to dislodge any dirt. After this you can soak it in the solution.

3. Wearing Your Contacts While You Sleep

Not giving your eyes time to breathe is a major mistake. There are bacteria in your eye and your contact traps it. This is why it is vital that you take the contact lens out nightly, so that your eyes can have time to breathe and get rid of the bacteria in the eye. If you wear your contacts without replacing them, even if you are using eye drops, you are putting your eyes at risk for a dangerous infection. It isn't that big of a hassle to take the contacts out each day, but it will protect your eyes in the long run.

By avoiding these mistakes you can protect your eyes. For further assistance, contact a local optometrist, such as one from Glacier Eye Clinic


11 December 2015

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